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PLANNING, Inc. is a versatile, service-disabled, veteran owned small training company offering the following services to Government agencies.

• Retirement Planning, Mid-Career Planning and New Employee Orientation Seminars 
• Federal Benefits Counseling for Retiring/Resigning Federal Employees 
• Leadership Development Training and Succession Planning 
• Health and Wellness Workshops 
• Health Information Management 
• Cyber Security Training 
• Security Systems Services

Our philosophy is to provide educational and training services that are unsurpassed in their knowledge and delivery that help course participants make the most of their training experience. With retirement and financial planning, our seminars provide the essential information needed by federal employees to make informed decisions about their futures. Our comprehensive one-on-one federal benefits counseling provides all the crucial services required by federal agencies and the affected employee(s) to ensure accuracy of all relevant paperwork for a seamless transition from the federal workplace to the private sector. Our leadership development training and succession planning programs provide assessment, insight, coaching and education that will enable participants to develop more effectively and productively into the next generation of Government leaders. Our health and wellness workshops offer professional advice and coaching on the best approach to attaining the optimum work/life balance for a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Our commitment to outstanding training/educational standards flows down to our more current endeavors in security systems services, workforce cadre management training, cyber security training and health information management. Our efforts in these areas are concentrated on offering an informative, constructive and valuable educational experience that consistently meets the expectations of our client agencies.

Retirement Planning, Mid-Career Planning, New Employee Orientation Seminars

Our informative seminars, taught by our subject matter experts, provide Federal employees with the right information and the tools they need to help them make informed decisions about benefits, financial, legal, health and transitional issues as their careers within the Federal workplace evolve from newly-hired to mid-career to retirement eligible. Our programs are customized based on customer agency requirements and are organized around one or more of the following modules: Federal Retirement Benefits, Financial Planning and the TSP, Tax and Estate Planning, Health and Wellness and Transition Planning.

Federal Benefits Counseling

Each of our senior counselors has at least 20 years of professional experience in the field of federal employee benefits and has been involved in providing one-on-one counseling on this topic to civil service employees for many years. Our counselors have extensive knowledge of OPM's rules and regulations concerning retirement eligibility for CSRS and FERS retirement systems, FEHB and FEGLI, the Thrift Savings Plan, FEDVIP and FLTCIP and all have been involved in "open season" drives for the newest, latest changes to the federal benefits programs.

Leadership Development Training and Succession Planning

We provide both off-the-shelf leadership educational programs and customized leadership development programs to meet specific organization needs related to management, organization and business improvement. Our programs are taught by a cadre of experts who have over 25 years experience in a training and consulting capacity in both the public and private sector. Areas of proficiency include Executive Education, Executive Coaching, Leadership Assessment and Succession Planning.

Health and Wellness Workshops

The need to understand the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles and balance in one's personal and professional environment is taught during this seminar. Our instructors average over 20 years experience training and coaching students. We help them assess their current lifestyles, introduce ways to improve their psychological and physical well-being and help them develop the right training program to attain their personal goals.

Health Information Management

Electronic transfer of health records is expressed as an evolvement of health record-keeping. Health information managers are charged with the protection of patient privacy and are responsible for training their employees in the proper handling and usage of confidential information. Planning's courses teach the fundamentals of protecting privacy and how to ensure that the right information is available at the right time to support patient care and health system management decisions. We emphasize the continuous quality management of data standards and content to make sure that information is usable and actionable at all times.

Cyber Security

Planning, Inc. offers training to Government and industry to implement processes to reduce potentially harmful events due to the lack of effective cyber security. We provide leadership, technical expertise, education on applications and technology tools, industry best practices and conduct cyber security professional development programs.

Security Systems Services

Planning and its team of experts provide unsurpassed technical support in the design, installation, integration, on-going repair and maintenance programs that are essential to security systems to ensure reliability and operate as designed.  We provide preventive maintenance, emergency maintenance services and major repairs, realignment and installation of equipment on a continuous basis.