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Welcome to PLANNING, Inc.’s Retirement Roundup! Here you’ll find links to some stories we’ve gathered from around the internet, stories that we think warrant a closer look.

Should you stay or should you go?

It has become an increasingly common story: Retiring from one job and then starting a new one. That’s not such a novelty in the public sector, where federal employees regularly make the jump into the private sector.

But these days, there seems to be a growing trend of retirement-age workers either not retiring (very often for financial reasons) or leaving one job and moving on to another job, be it full or part-time. What’s the right thing to do for you?

If this is a topic you’re weighing at this moment in time, you might find value in the links below.

+U.S. News and World Report focuses on four positive reasons to work in retirement. They also reference a study done by Merrill Lynch that found half of retirees either have worked or plan to work at some point during their retirement.

+The New York Daily News also highlights some pluses of continuing to work after retirement. The article includes links to additional retirement-related material, such as a retirement checklist for those close to retiring.

+The Fiscal Times offers some suggestions on “cool jobs” for the retirees who choose to keep working, noting that “working in retirement has become the new norm.”

+TheStreet notes that many retirees want to keep working, while also citing longer life expectancy and higher costs of living as alternate motivational factors.

+On the flip side, in this headline Marketplace poses the question on many people’s minds: Is It Still Retirement if You’re Working to Make Ends Meet? Their piece references a study done by the Transamerica Center for Retirement in which 4 in 10 people say they plan to work during retirement, primarily because of financial concerns.

+Retirement looks like an impossible dream to many millennials, according to Money, even though many of them started saving for retirement earlier in their professional lives than did the generation before them.

+Finally, for those who plan to use their retirement years to explore entrepreneurship, U.S. News and World Report suggests ways to deal with taxes and how to make taxes work to your advantage if you become self-employed in retirement.


Keep an eye out for our next installment, where we’ll gear up for Valentine’s Day and focus on retirement issues that apply specifically to couples.