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Welcome to PLANNING, Inc.’s Retirement Roundup! Here you’ll find links to some stories we’ve gathered from around the internet, stories that we think warrant a closer look.

First, as the year winds down, there are plenty of things to be doing to make sure your finances are prepared for the New Year. Now is the time to figure out whether you’re making the appropriate resolutions when it comes to your retirement planning.

+The folks at Kiplinger’s have seven tips for lowering your taxable income, including highlighting the cutoff date for making charitable donations.

+Everything Finance also uses the magic number seven when imparting their end-of-year tax planning guidance.

+It’s not just your federal taxes that can be attended to. Are you following any of Kiplinger’s advice for getting your state tax bill as low as it can go?

+Money recommends you make a resolution to “test drive” your soon-to-be retirement lifestyle, especially if you’re planning on retirement in the immediate future.

+If you’re considering retirement in 2017, be sure you also consider these five tips from U.S. News and World Report.

+CNN Money has some insight into 2017 IRA and 401(k) contribution limits.

+And finally, gear up for a year of saving smarter. U.S. News and World Report offers up a heaping helping of advice and encouragement with their list of 10 goals to make 2017 your best savings year yet.


Keep an eye out for our next installment, where we’ll consider the pros and cons of working after retirement, and also look at the differing views about what working after retirement means these days.